About World Travel For Singles


Libby Shields

World Travel For Singles has developed a travel network that is specially geared to upscale professional men & women.

I am a 29 years plus veteran of the travel industry. Single and a lover of travel, I developed this program after too many trips alone. Since its founding in 1995, World Travel For Singles has taken groups of singles on cruises and tours all over the world.  We also work with travel agencies. We welcome  inquiries from all travel agencies.

World Travel For Singles cruises & tours attract singles from across the United States that have a common love of travel. Speaking of love; our trips are not about finding romance. However, mother nature does take its’ course & has led to a number of our clients getting married.

Traditionally solo travelers must succumb to the dreaded single supplement which typically is double the fare for cruises. Historically, it’s the largest group that receives the most amount of discrimination by the travel industry. The cruise lines want to make up for the “lost” revenue for that empty bed in your cabin, as one less passenger on board means one less person buying drinks, souvenirs, shore excursions, etc. Our roommate matching services allows for all travelers to be matched with a same sex roommate to avoid paying the additional single supplement. Particular attention is paid to matching people close in age and smoking & non smoking preferences.

Why sit at home? Why travel alone? Why not travel with us today? The time has come and the moment is right to get busy living! Live life to the absolute fullest and embrace every moment with World Travel For Singles. Come aboard and join us on our next trip